Premature Ejaculation

The best sexologist in Delhi defines premature ejaculation as the inability to delay the ejaculation sufficient to satisfy the love game, manifested as an ejaculation before or immediately after the start of intercourse or the occurrence of ejaculation in case of insufficient erection. Premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi comes 2nd in numbers for sexual problems in terms of patients who seek treatment.

There is a premature ejaculation that occurs throughout the life of a man from the beginning of sexual initiation. Ejaculation is considered to be such, which always or almost always occurs before penetration or within 1 minute of vaginal penetration, and the patient is characterized by the inability to delay ejaculation during all or almost all vaginal penetration, which has negative personal consequences such as stress, embarrassment, frustration and avoiding sexual activity.

Another type is the acquired type, which is characterized by a significant reduction in the time to ejaculation in relation to the earlier sexual functioning of a man. There is also a third group of men from the so-called naturally variable premature ejaculation, in which the problem occurs occasionally, being a natural manifestation of a variation in the time of ejaculation occurring in a person, which may also be affected by external circumstances.

In addition, some men believe that ejaculation occurs too sooner, but in reality, it is not so and it is impossible to make such a diagnosis – false premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation


  • Neurobiological predisposition (perhaps a genetically determined type of activity of messenger substances in brain cells, mainly related to the serotonin system) – it mainly concerns the type of premature ejaculation occurring throughout life.
  • Psychogenic factors: stress, disturbed partner relations, prolonged break in intercourse, lack of a stable partner and irregular sexual intercourse, fear of pregnancy, improper or unattractive partner or partner, very attractive, fearful of failure, practicing so-called intermittent intercourse, neurotic (anxiety) disorders, mood disorders (depression) – mainly for premature secondary and naturally variable premature ejaculation.
  • Somatic factors or other sexual disorders: erectile dysfunction, inflammation or hypertrophy of the prostate, hypothyroidism, nerve dysfunction in the course of diabetes, stroke – refer to secondary premature ejaculation.

How often does it occur?

Premature ejaculation is one of the most commonly diagnosed sexual dysfunction. Its prevalence is 20-30% of the male population. The vast majority are people with naturally variable premature ejaculation (psychogenic causes in people predisposed to rapid ejaculation) or with premature false ejaculation, i.e. completely healthy people who are not satisfied with their sexual functioning, whether due to incorrect knowledge on sexual physiology or unrealistic expectations. Premature ejaculation is a lifelong disorder and premature secondary ejaculation (classified as somatic or psychiatric disorder) is likely to occur in only 5-10% of men.

How is it revealed?

The symptoms are already included in the definition of the problem itself. The continuous or almost continuous occurrence of premature ejaculation is associated with a fear of compromise, failure to satisfy the partner, “unprovenness”, a sense of shame, reduced self-esteem in the male role, frustration, embarrassment, and avoidance of sexual activity, which may intensify the symptoms of the disorder.

What to do if symptoms occur

If the symptoms occurred in connection with a specific situation – a longer break in intercourse, a new partner, and spontaneously disappear – no special actions should be taken. Symptoms that last longer, symptoms that last a lifetime from sexual life require medical consultation with sexologist in Delhi to determine what to do next.

How does the doctor make a diagnosis?

The diagnosis is based in most cases on gathering a thorough medical history. If the secondary nature of the disorder is suspected, appropriate tests will be required to determine or eliminate potential causes – biochemical and hormonal (blood) tests, neurological, general, and urological tests.

What are the options for premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi?

Oral pharmacotherapy

oral pharmacotherapy will include the use of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that have the ability to delay ejaculation (paroxetine, sertraline, fluoxetine) or another medicine that affects serotoninergic transmission – clomipramine – this premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi may apply to people with premature ejaculation throughout their lives, but also associated with the occurrence of mood disorders, neurotic disorders or having a different psychogenic background (secondary and naturally variable). If you have a cause or condition that causes erectile dysfunction, your sexologist doctor in Delhi may decide to use drugs from the 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor group (“vagina” drugs). A new drug from the SSRI group used to treat this disorder is dapoxetine. Tramadol treatment has also been attempted, but the results are not convincing.

Local anesthetics

EMLA cream, TEMPE spray – are discussed in the chapter on pharmacological treatment in sexology.

Training methods

It includes techniques known as the “start-stop” or “compression” method (these are modifications of masturbation training), a method of focusing on sensory experiences designed to engage both partners – these methods are discussed in more detail in the chapter on treatment methods psychotherapeutic in sexology.

Education and counseling

Correcting or supplementing knowledge about the length of intercourse, the impact of many different factors on this time, proposing regularity and not avoiding intercourse, selected sexual positions.

Systematic individual or couple psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy may concern people who have established psychogenic factors that are the source of the problem (anxiety disorders, mood disorders, fixed anxiety attitudes), and couple psychotherapy when the source of the problem lies in partner relations disorders – methods these are discussed in more detail in the chapter devoted to methods of psychotherapeutic treatment in sexology.

It is worth undertaking the premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, because its overall effectiveness is high, and if not treated, it will adversely affect the well-being of a man as well as partner and sexual relations, it can also promote the consolidation of disorders and the attachment of others (e.g. erectile dysfunction, decrease in libido).

Is it possible to cure completely?

The response to drug treatment with SSRIs in the form of strong or moderate prolongation of ejaculation time is high and reaches 80%. The effectiveness of training methods is assessed differently; very positive for short-term effects, less enthusiastic for long-term effects. In general, the prognosis for complete resolution of the problem is good in some cases of secondary premature ejaculation, where it is possible to remove the causative agent, in naturally varying premature ejaculation and false premature ejaculation. Premature episodes of life-long premature ejaculation are less promising, the problem tends to recur, and may require continued pharmacotherapy. As stated earlier, this is true for a minority of men reporting a problem with ejaculation.

What do you need to do after premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi?

Avoid prolonged sexual abstinence.

What to do to avoid getting sick?

Systematic sexual activity with a permanent partner may have a value protecting against the appearance of this disorder, especially in people predisposed to a rapid ejaculation reaction. Caring for the overall quality of partner relationships, avoiding haste, task attitudes, focusing on non-genital elements of sexual interaction can also have a positive effect.