erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi

Erectile dysfunction – when they appear, the man, instead of seeking help from a sex specialist in Delhi, tries to hide this problem even from his partner. This is a mistake. Because if he started to treat impotence, sex life would return to normal sooner. Learn the causes and erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

Erectile dysfunction is a big and embarrassing problem for many men. After all, sex is one of the elements that bind the relationship between two people. Lack of successful sexual contact leads to the breakdown of relationships. After all, it promotes mental and physical health: it helps to activate the circulatory system, muscular system, respiratory system, strengthens immunity. It also triggers positive reactions in the brain. So it’s better not to give up sex.

Erectile dysfunction: who can they relate to?

– Gentlemen coming to my office tend to convince themselves that the problem of erectile dysfunction does not concern them – says, Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi. They consolidate that only alcoholics or workaholics, elderly people, or the complexes, or those who started sexual intercourse and sex indifferent to them have trouble in bed. And because they are usually not in any of these groups, they think that impotence does not threaten them. Meanwhile, it is increasingly affecting men between the ages of 40 and 50, who at first glance look like specimens of health.

– When a woman says “you impotent” to a man, there is probably no greater insult – claims prof. Zbigniew Izdebski, sexologist. – This word humiliates and offends. Because it has negative associations, doctors use the neutral term “erectile dysfunction” or the English abbreviation ED (erectile dysfunction). ED is a situation in which a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to have a satisfying relationship. Of course, one failure does not prejudge anything. It can happen to anyone. However, if every fourth attempt to approach is unsuccessful, a man should seek help.

Erectile dysfunction: causes

Blocked circulatory system

For the penis to get an erection, it must pump almost 20 times more blood than when it is at rest. When the arteries supplying it are narrowed with atherosclerotic plaques, the cavernous bodies cannot swell and the plumbing will not work.

Hormonal disorder

Problems arise when there is not enough testosterone in the body of the man – the main sex hormone produced in the testes, and too much prolactin – produced in small amounts by the pituitary gland (when it is in excess, it simply reduces sex drive).

Erectile nerve injuries

They can be the result of some diseases, including diabetes, spinal cord injuries. Sometimes, “damage fibers” are microdamage during prostate surgery, but this failure usually clears up over time.

Some medications

For example, against hypertension, peptic ulcer, antidepressant, sedative, diuretic, so-called beta-blockers, chemotherapeutics.

Unhygienic lifestyle

It is especially about too much work overload (which is often accompanied by tension, stress), smoking, alcohol abuse, too little physical activity, a diet rich in animal fats, and poor in vegetables and fruits.

Mental blocks

Although the brain is the sexiest organ of our body (after all, he gives the order: “Be ready for action”), is responsible for only about 20 percent erectile dysfunction cases.

How can a woman support a man?

  • Do not reproach your partner. Don’t humiliate or insult him. Do not take “these matters” in a public forum. Encourage him to talk honestly about your problems and promise support. And then – do not let him go and offer a visit to the sexologist in Delhi.
  • Rather, you shouldn’t be at their first conversation. However, then your presence during therapy may be necessary (especially if erectile dysfunction is psychological).
  • Don’t blame yourself for your bed trouble and don’t look for a simple explanation: “I stopped enjoying him and he probably found himself a lover.”
  • Don’t give up your right to sex. If you don’t have sex for about two years, a blockage may form in your head – you will tell yourself that you don’t need sex. Then, when your partner returns to fitness, you may have to heal to have an appetite for love again.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi

Even a hundred years ago, impotence treatment was based on two methods: hygienic and medical. The first consisted of rest not only from sex for at least a year, but also from “lustful thoughts.” Medics also recommended baths, physical exercises to strengthen fitness and strictly forbade sleeping on the back.

More than half of men would not go to the sex doctor in Delhi “only” because of erectile dysfunction – says Dr. P K Gupta. – on the other hand, as much as 80 percent of them would like to seek advice and would rather have the sexologist in Delhi initiate the conversation.

Do not wait for the doctor to draw this confession out of you, because erection problems can signal serious diseases, e.g. coronary heart disease, diabetes. Order an appointment with a urologist.

The sex doctor in Delhi will ask about past illnesses and injuries, about current ailments. He will examine the penis and testicles, examine the prostate, check the sensation in the perineum. Depending on the diagnosis, he will order tests ( e.g. blood sugar, cholesterol, or sex hormones in the blood ) or consultations, e.g. with a sexologist in Delhi, psychologist, neurologist in Delhi, cardiologist, or diabetologist.

In the erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, the most important is to recognize and treat the “treatable” cause of the disorder, introduce changes to lifestyle with the elimination of risk factors (cardiological and metabolic), and to educate the patient and his partner.

In erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, it should be determined whether the cause causing the disorder is reversible. Such causes include psychogenic factors, injuries to vessels supplying the penis in young people, and diseases involving a decrease in testosterone levels. In such cases, respectively: psychotherapy, surgery with vascular reconstruction, or testosterone therapy can bring definite improvement.

In the case of potentially irreversible causes (cardio- and neurogenic), improvement is possible with the use of medications.


  • 5 million Indian suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • Only every third person reports this problem to the sexologist in Delhi
  • Almost half do not know where to look for help
  • Almost 27 percent men with erectile dysfunction are ashamed to admit it
  • Only 100,000 are treated
  • From the first symptoms to the start of therapy usually wait two years
  • Unfortunately, almost 75 percent Indians do not talk about “these” problems with their partners