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sexologist in Delhi

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Dr. P K Gupta - Sexologist Doctor in Delhi

Member Council For sex Education Parenthood (International)
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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi Govt.
G. B. Pant Hospital, Delhi Govt.
S.G.M. Hospital, Delhi Govt.

Dr. P K Gupta is specialized sexologist in Delhi. This allows him to treat sexual disorders for both men and women. His level of study and training allow him to issue medical prescriptions and compels him to strict medical secrecy.

Dr. P K Gupta, as a sex specialist in Delhi, helps people or couples who are dealing with one or more problems that affect their emotional lives and/or their sexuality. The consultations are done individually or as a couple.

The number of consultations varies from person to person. Some problems can be solved in two sessions, others require a more than two sessions.

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Looking for best sexologist in Delhi, India? Dr. P K Gupta is the best sexologist doctor in Delhi with 20+ years of experience in Professional Medical Services.

Why Choose Dr. P K Gupta, Top Sexologist in Delhi

Sexuality is a source of infinite pleasures, but also of anxiety and torment when it goes wrong. It is at this point that sexologists in Delhi come into play and offer the opportunity to understand and treat sexual disorders, whether psychological or physical.

We all knows sex is taboo in India, sex education level is very low and patients hesitate to consult with qualified sex doctor in Delhi. That’s why there are so many doctors in this field out of 95% doctors are not even MBBS. Patients mimics with their highfy advertisements highfy hordings, advertisements on TV in form of interviews, fake and paid awards & recognitions by non government organizations. Instead of doctor’s qualification, experience from prime government hospitals.

best sexologist in Delhi
sexologist doctor in Delhi

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When to consult Dr. P K Gupta, Sex Specialist in Delhi?

Sexuality fascinates, intrigues, and raises many questions, sometimes concerns, and yet many people still think that there is no doctor specialized in this area. Thus, if you have problems related to your sex life, it is possible that a sexologist in Delhi is the most competent person to help you. Couples with sexual problems are extremely numerous, and too few are consulting.

The reasons that can lead to consulting Dr. P K Gupta are multiple, because the skills of Dr. P K Gupta are just as multiple. Indeed, the best sexologist in Delhi is there to help you, to accompany you and/or to treat you in all the fields which touch near or far to the sexuality. For example, it is quite feasible to consult a sexologist doctor in Delhi when one suffers from erectile problems, premature ejaculation, sex weakness, a decrease in libido, or if one has marital problems.

Sexologist doctors in Delhi are the best partners to help you with your intimate health problems whether physical or psychological. So do not hesitate and make an appointment with a professional sex doctor in Delhi if you have any doubt or question.


What our Clients Say!

Mr Vikas Gupta

In today's time. Very difficulty to find doctor like you. Who is very good human being. Everyone is just running after money and have no time or feelings for others. All can say is god bless him and give him more and more opportunity to serve the needy pepole. thank u very much Dr. Pk gupta sir

Pawan Kumar

New Delhi
I was suffering from problem. I consulted Dr P K Gupta for this problem. Now I am much satisfied with the progress I got from his treatment. Thanks to Dr P K Gupta

Rok MI

Dr.pk gupta has provided me Best treatment. I had visited him 2 years back and after that I have sent many of my friends to him. He is very good and friendly doctor. I and all my friends are very happy with results.They are really doing good efforts to treat there patients staff is good and very cooperative. Thanks doctor I recommend Dr.pk gupta to everyone.

Mohit Jha

New Delhi
This clinic is really good and best. They have good fcalities and best doctor for treatment i am very happy with treatment provided by dr pk gupta. Thanks doctor I recommend Dr.pk gupta to everyone.

Rohit Sharma

New Delhi
Thank you so much sir you totally changed my life, i am happy to found a doctor like you. You are the better then best Doctor. Thanks doctor I recommend Dr.pk gupta to everyone.

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India's Most Trusted sexologist Clinic in Delhi. The reasons that can lead to consulting Dr. P K Gupta are multiple, because the skills of Dr. P K Gupta are just as multiple.

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