Red Spots on Penis
Red Spots on Penis

Red spots on the penis. What can they be a symptom of?

Red Spots on Penis

Red spots located on the glans are a mysterious disease that occurs in men of all ages. They occur in men almost commonly, and the ailment can be a symptom of many serious diseases, among others, which cause fungi from Candida albicans.

Red spots, penis itching, acorn dryness, burning pain intensifying when urinating and a characteristic white coating with an unpleasant odour are ailments associated with fungal infection of the penis. Candida albicans is responsible for everything.

In addition, red spots on the penis may occur due to:

  • using a new shower gel,
  • human papillomavirus (HPV),
  • syphilis,
  • gonorrhoea,
  • psoriasis,
  • genital herpes,
  • the use of condoms.

Red spots on the penis – mycosis of the penis

Painful pressure in the lower abdomen, pollakiuria with a constant impression of the need to urinate and urinating ‘after a drop’, intensifying in the evening – these are further characteristic symptoms of urinary tract infection with candidiasis. The infection usually affects the acorn and the inner part of the foreskin. It can have a variety of severities – from light, chronic redness and itching, to severe swelling, alveolar eruptions, painful erosions and phimosis, i.e. the inability to drain the foreskin.

Symptoms, course of yeast infection and the choice of treatment methods will vary from patient to patient, although there is some regularity here. If you have observed the main symptoms, check to see if there are any additional symptoms that are likely to cause fungal penile inflammation.

In this situation, you should consult the best sexologist in Delhi. The specialist conducts a detailed interview with the patient and individually adjusts the treatment to his needs. He may give you a prescription for chronic treatment, e.g. contraception. It also helps in the treatment of, among others menopause, venereal diseases, potency disorders or premature ejaculation. In a convenient and discreet way.

Red spots on the penis and accompanying symptoms

A person infected with Candida albicans feels unwell and complains of hunger. He has an increased appetite for sweets and all products for which yeast is used. There is often a digestive disorder with severe constipation.

Symptoms that can make Candida appear in your body:

  • you complain of general fatigue,
  • you are struggling with many allergies,
  • you feel a strong need to eat sweets and yeast-based products,
  • you have a strong need to drink alcohol (beer, wine),
  • you have no interest in sexual intercourse,
  • as a child you were treated with antibiotics for acne,
  • you have recurring ailments: (flatulence, diarrhea and constipation).

If you have most of these symptoms, you should check for Candida in your body.

What is acorn and foreskin mycosis?

In the statistics of the most common diseases, genital mycosis (thrush, candidiasis) ranks third, ranking behind cancers and cardiovascular diseases. The disease is also in the third place when it comes to the feeling of shame among patients (after keels and AIDS). The condition is common. Most women have been sick, become ill or become ill in the future. And for one hundred infected women, there are 25 to 35 infected men. Thrush is not a venereal disease. White coating on the penis appears much more often if there has been intercourse with an infected woman. Hence, it is extremely important that both partners diagnose acorn and foreskin mycosis. It’s about avoiding the so-called ping-pong effect.

Yeast epidemic

Why has yeast become an epidemic? First of all, because antibiotics are still too often used in treatment, which weakens the body. And this makes the yeast more often attack the weakened body and multiply easily. Men who have undergone or are undergoing long-term antibiotic therapy are, therefore particularly at risk, explains the sexologist in Delhi.