best sexologist in Delhi
best sexologist in Delhi

All About Headache During Sex

Some people experience sudden pain in the middle of an orgasm, or chronic migraines during each intercourse. The difference is important.

In the series “how our bodies manage to spoil moments of pleasure”, we have, at the top of the list: headaches during sexual intercourse. Because indeed, it is a real problem for about 1% of the population, especially men, around the age of 20 and 40 years. Some people suffer from it every time they make love, others have it only once in their life, still, others are subject to it from time to time, over a period of six months.

If the exact cause is not yet fully understood, sexologist in Delhi knows that people with migraines are more at risk than others. But it is useful to differentiate between these two cases.

Orgasmic headaches

This type of vascular headache can start just before or after orgasm, and last between fifteen minutes and several hours. It is a mild problem, sometimes accompanied by nausea, palpitations, vomiting or cold sweats. This type of pain is caused by increased blood pressure in the brain. The vessels in the skull constrict and cause pain, but they are nothing to worry about. If these headaches are recurrent, you can ask your sexologist doctor in Delhi for help to prescribe a medicine to treat migraines, to be taken as prevention before taking action.

Unexpected headaches

If the pain comes on suddenly, during orgasm, when you never have it, do not take it lightly. It is more prudent to consult a doctor to try to understand the cause. It can be a serious problem, such as an aneurysm, tumour, or haemorrhage. 

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